First established in 1999, the LoveTrades Foundation (Formerly WTI Foundation) is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization that raises money for, and awards academic scholarships exclusively to, students pursuing technical education at WyoTech. 

Through the support of generous donors (including WyoTech alumni, industry partners, and fellow auto/diesel enthusiasts), we’re able to award scholarships each year to outstanding students in the vocational tech realm. 

For us, each scholarship represents more than an investment in a student’s ability to pursue their passions and refine their talents; each scholarship also represents an investment in the future of an industry we love. 

Essential skills are powering America right now.

The work of technicians, providers, and service professionals happens every day, all day, throughout the country. Careers in the transportation industry are in high-demand, and while students and working professionals alike are searching for careers that withstand economic fluctuations, we see an increased need to provide scholarship support to incoming and current students interested in automotive trade education.

Our mission…

is to award academic scholarships to WyoTech students preparing for diverse and challenging careers in the transportation service industry.

Through the generous support of our donors, we’ve helped thousands of students from all over the United States make one of the most valuable investments in their lives: An investment in their future.